Tips For Cleaning Your Floor

You want to keep your floors clean. When we have dirty floors people will wonder why we don’t care about our overall appearance. When it comes to choosing a floor, the better the floor you have installed the better it will look and longer it will last. This is why many people turn to luxury vinyl plank in west chester pa.

Tip #1 – Do it semi-regularly

The best time to clean your floor is not when it is dirty and dried on dirt. The best time to wash it is once or twice a week. You want to use warm/hot water, as hot as you can stand it for about 1/2 hour. Use mild soap if needed (like in a public restroom). If you have stubborn areas like dog or cat urine get a commercial cleaner for those types of messes.

Tip #2 – Dry it off completely

You can’t walk on your floor if it is still wet. Use a towel or rag and mop up the excess water that is not absorbed into the floor. If you put down a mat before you start it will absorb most of the water.

Tip #3 – Use the right products

Many people assume anything wet will clean a floor, but that is not true. After you have dried your floor, use a sweeping compound to help collect any dirt left over and add shine to your floor. To finish off the job (especially if you have a large area to clean) grab a mop with microfiber on it and wipe that along the floor. It will soak up any of the remaining water and dry dirt that slipped away during your cleaning session.

Tip #4 – Use right tools for the job

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When you are sweeping or mopping, use the correct tool for the job. You don’t want to be spreading dirt around, so a small broom or brush can help you pick it up easily and move it out of your way. Remember not to rub too hard as this will cause damage!