Three Tips to Decluttering Your Home with an Overhaul and Redesign of Your Favorite Rooms

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Over the years, your home can become cluttered with knickknacks. Life happens. Trinkets accumulate. Before you know it, you are swimming in clutter, and your once-favorite rooms are lackluster. Your home shouldn’t add stress to your life, so it’s time for an overhaul and redesign, beginning with your favorite rooms.

From bathroom ideas in baltimore, md, to helpful hints on adding space to your living room, this article covers a few tips to help you declutter and reclaim your home.

Neutral or Light Tones Add Space and a Clean, Crisp Aesthetic

Neutral or light tones are reflective of natural light, meaning they draw your eyes away from the center of the room to create the illusion of space. This makes a room appear bigger while lending a clean, crisp aesthetic to your décor.

Shower Caddies Can Make All the Difference

Do you collect soaps and shampoos? Too many bottles can clutter up your bathroom. Use a shower caddy to stow away your clean favorites. You can use the caddy as a measurement tool to determine if you need to buy anything else for your shower time. If the caddy is full, then nothing else is needed.

Choose Comfort and Function Over Looks

Comfort and function are more important in your home than how something looks. Clutter is mostly about aesthetics. You buy something because it’s cute or looks good with your décor, and then you never notice it again.

When choosing furniture and design elements, go with something that has a purpose, like a storage ottoman. You can lounge on it while using it to stow away your blankets, books, or electronic remotes. 

Your home should be your sanctuary, so treat it like one. Avoid clutter by placing rules on what you bring into the house. Those flea market knickknacks? You don’t need them. Choose to live simply, cleanly, comfortably, and clutter-free. You’ll be happy to finally have your favorite rooms back.